Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android

20 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android (Reviewed)

20 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android: I’ve compiled a list of the best AI apps, including those for creating content and visual design.

Tossing AI into the mix spices up apps with a fresh kind of smarts, seriously leveling up and personalizing user interactions. It is clear that these free AI-powered apps are all about making work stuff smoother, cranking up the creativity, and giving a hand with health and personal growth. For that, I’m gonna spill the beans on the best AI apps for Android users.

Let’s delve right in without any further delay.

Are you in a rush? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • ChatGPT (OpenAI)
  • Gemini (Google)
  • Canva’s Magic Resize
  • Grammarly
  • Copymatic
  • Descript

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In Artificial Intelligence, It’s all about machines doing things that seem like human thinking, such as learning, making decisions, and fixing mistakes, especially through computers.

Its big strength is learning and adapting over time to better serve users. It is clear that It’s useful for many things, like giving word suggestions when you type, understanding pictures, and powering chatbots. 

Generative AI Apps

1. ChatGPT (OpenAI)

When searching for the best generative assistant, ChatGPT is a marvel in conversational AI. An upgrade from the famous GPT-3 model, it makes chatting natural and fun, getting so good it can sometimes make you wonder if it’s AI or a human talking.

It’s more than just a chatbot; it’s your AI buddy, making conversations in different situations that are super accurate and really on point.

2. Gemini (Google)

While searching for a ChatGPT alternative, Gemini is Google’s take on enhancing photography with AI. It is especially adept at organizing and enhancing photos, utilizing facial recognition, and even suggesting the best shots from a series of images.

Gemini is really good at organizing and picking out your photos, turning them into a personal gallery that makes your memories look their best—literally.

Visual Design Apps

3. Adobe Photoshop AI

For the artists and designers on the go, Adobe Photoshop AI brings the world-renowned software to Android with a touch of AI magic. From powerful retouching and restoration, applying complex selections in a single click, to turning photos into artworks, the AI-enhanced features in Photoshop for Android are a game-changer.

In Adobe Photoshop AI, the app’s seamless integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud ensures your creations are always in sync, ready for sharing or further editing on your desktop.

4. Canva’s Magic Resize

Canva has been democratising design since its inception, and Magic Resize is where AI takes this philosophy to the next level. Craft a design in one format and with a tap, transform it into multiple sizes, each appropriately formatted for various social media channels, marketing materials, and more.

The best part is that It’s design automation that saves time without compromising quality or creativity.

5. Luminar AI

Skylum’s Luminar AI simplifies photo editing to an almost intuitive process. The AI at the heart of Luminar enhances your photos with powerful, one-click templates, recognizing the content of your images to suggest enhancements that actually make a difference. Whether it’s replacing skies, improving portraits, or tuning colors just right, Luminar AI does it seamlessly.

6. Prisma

Prisma is art in your pocket. It is clear that  this photo-editing app uses AI to transform your photos into amazing art like famous artists’ styles. In Prisma, the effects are awesome, making your photos look like masterpieces ready for everyone to see.

7. DeepArt

Continuing the theme of merging photography with art, DeepArt is the platform tailored for art aficionados. Users can take their photos and apply a plethora of artistic filters that genuinely make them seem hand-painted. In DeepArt, It goes beyond photo enhancements—it’s an art experiment in your phone, reveling in blending technology with creativity.

8. Artbreeder

Artbreeder isn’t just a digital canvas, it’s an art studio. By harnessing the power of GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), users can create a gamut of visuals by blending and breeding images. In Artbreeder, the offspring are AI-generated masterpieces, each unique and ready to inspire. Further, it’s an app appreciated by artists, AI enthusiasts, and the curious minds alike.

9. Runway ML

Runway ML is for creative people who can code. It is clear that it offers a place to code live and create things with AI like magic. Though, you can work on videos, music, and text. Yet, it is more than just an app for making stuff; it’s a way to try new things and innovate with AI technology.

10. DALL E 2 (OpenAI)

DALL E 2 by OpenAI isn’t an app you can find on the Play Store yet, but it’s super cool because of what it might do in the future. It is clear that it can make pictures just from words you tell it, showing us new ways we can use AI. It is clear that it’s like a sneak peek at a future where artists might use AI to get new ideas, and the outcomes are really amazing.

Writing Tools

11. Grammarly

Grammarly does more than just fix spelling.This tool is super useful for anyone who writes, giving detailed help to make sure your writing is not only correct but also works well. It helps improve your writing by fixing grammar mistakes, suggesting the right words based on the situation, and checking the tone of your text. 

12. Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor, while not using machine learning, is simple and improves writing in a way Hemingway would have liked – clear and straightforward. It is worth mentioning that this tool is great for making writing better, helping achieve clear and brief writing. It points out long or complicated sentences, wrong use of passive voice, and gives tips on making writing easy to read, much like AI does, but in a simple way. 

13. Copymatic

In Copymatic, your words speak with confidence and knowledge to its users, leading in the field. I’m confident to say that Copymatic is a go-to tool for marketers. I love this platform because it uses smart AI to craft catchy slogans and powerful ads that aim to increase sales.It is worth mentioning that It offers expert tips in an experienced and informative manner. 

14. ProWritingAid

I must say that ProWritingAid leads with an advanced suite that goes beyond mere grammar checks, providing in-depth analysis on consistency, structure, and style. From drafting novels to crafting professional emails, ProWritingAid refines your writing, ensuring clarity and precision. I will be worth mentioning that this tool is designed for extensive writing. And to enhance your writing skills, it offers detailed analytics.

15. Jasper

In Jasper,  it uses AI to help with writing, especially with its ‘Long-Form Assistant’ for blogs and stories. How easy it is to use? It aims to help new writers and content makers by offering AI that’s good at picking up on the details of storytelling.

Apps for Content Creation

16. Descript

Further in Descript, It is a leading platform for editing audio and video, using AI to turn spoken words into text. It goes beyond simple transcription by letting you edit media just like editing text. It is clear that this innovative tool makes editing audio and video as easy as twisting words on a page. What it does? It comes packed with cool features like adding new voiceovers, accurately transcribing videos, and pulling out high-quality audio from any video. Descript is perfect for content creators looking for a powerful yet simple way to boost their work, mixing top-notch quality with ease of use.

17. Synthesia

What Synthesia brings? It starts a new era with AI-generated videos with synthetic media to Android creators. It is clear that these videos use advanced technology to create a character that talks naturally. What worth noting that it is changing personalized marketing and making content more local, bridging the gap between ideas and reality. Yet this smart method puts Synthesia at the leading edge of synthetic media, showing its leadership and innovative outlook in the field.

18. Anchor (Spotify)

Anchor by Spotify changes the game for podcasting with its smart AI platform. What it does mean?  It is clear that it makes creating, sharing, and earning money from podcasts easier. You get smart music tips while recording and an easy-to-use editing setup, all thanks to AI. 

19. AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist)

AIVA is a super smart AI that makes classical music and soundtracks by learning from lots of music pieces. It’s not just for fun—AIVA can make music that sounds just like what you hear in movies or from an orchestra. It is clear that It is leading the way in combining AI with art, offering a smart way to come up with unique tunes.

20. Hootsuite Insights

Creating content without insights is like trying to find your way without a map. In Hootsuite Insights, powered by Brandwatch, you will experience advanced analytics with AI to help plan your social media strategy. It is worth mentioning that it looks at data from the past and present, from different places, and gives useful tips for smart social media managers.

Final Thoughts

The use of AI in Android apps is a big deal, not just a passing trend. It is worth mentioning that It’s changing the game by making things more efficient and creative for users.However, With a wide variety of AI tools, Android users can do a lot more with their devices, improving different parts of their daily lives.

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